$10 Note Campaign

You can help H4Y keep helping families for less than 2x coffees a week, join the H4Y club!

For just $10 per week or $30 a week for a business, or choose an amount you can commit to.

You can support us knowing your generosity is changing lives.

If we reach the target we can:

  1. Keep gates open
  2. Help more young people
  3. Provide more programs
  • Your sponsorship goes directly to staffing the key staff who sign up for the ‘mission’ field of H4Y. No one signs up for H4Y for the big corporate lifestyle, they check in day in and day out because they believe that every family in distress deserves somewhere they can find their joy again.
  • Whether it’s taking the crisis call, feeding a teenager, helping a young person experience success at school, holding a parent's hand when they are at their wit's end or reminding a young person their life is worth it, your finance ensures we have the right staff with the right skills and the right heart to care for our families without financial burden.
    100 % of our team provides more than 2 days a week volunteering alongside their core role. Not everyone is called to the mission field, become a sponsor and join the ‘team’.

“Who knew the humble $10 note could do so much”

All donations are tax-deductible and the H4Y Club members will get discounts at select events.

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