Residential Farm and Recovery Home

Welcome to our farm home

Homestead for Youth’s long term residential program is for youths who may need a minimum of 4-12 months stay right up to lifelong care.

Each young person is assigned to a family house with long term house parents, with each house also having appointed long term support staff to assist with the day to day and pastoral care needs of the young person.

During the day our youth attends school or training and within a week or so, our young person is encouraged to engage in individual counselling or group counselling sessions.

Our young person is also provided with the option to enjoy and take part in one of our unique hands on therapy and farm life programs.

Each Friday night and Sunday a bus will take our young person to youth group where they can interact with same aged peers, positive role models and have some time away from the farm while connecting with their community mentors.

Our residential and farm recovery home aims to give our youths a safe home where they can learn life skills on our farm, go to school, be engaged in therapy, away from the negative influences or challenges they were facing.

A big thank you to the Australian Community and our sponsors:


We are here for you. Our Farm Gates are always open. Our Home is your home away from home.