Meet The People


Carla Fadelli

At the age of 10, Carla had an image of a big house with many young people coming and going. That image is now a reality as she is the co-founder and CEO of Homestead for Youth. Carla is a Registered Psychologist with over 12 years experience working with children, young people and families. Carla is known for her humor, her ability to help you feel ‘normal’ and empowered to see change. Carla is sought after for her work with families in distress, trauma and anxiety.

Marty Fadelli

Marty is the co-founder and director of Homestead For Youth. He provides valuable management of the Stronger Youth and Mentoring Program. Marty has 9 years of experience as a foster carer plus 13 years of experience working with teenagers as a mentor and an Outdoor Ed Instructor. Marty is sought after in his work journeying with young men through the Mental Health Car Restoration program that he developed along with his wife Carla. He brings consistency, humor and an engaging hands-on approach to his Mentoring sessions.
Ryan Milne

Ryan Milne

Ryan is a member of Homestead for Youth’s Board. He is an environmental scientist by trade, with over two decades experience in water risk management, drinking water, recycled water and legionella management. Ryan is the Director of Ecosafe International, a consultancy focussed on creating the best outcome between water and health interfaces. As an active community member and professional who is passionate about creating sustainability, Ryan supports H4Y’s work in achieving business continuity and offering a safe haven for young people and their families.
Naomi Wheeler

Naomi Wheeler

Naomi is on the of the registered psychologists at Homestead for Youth. Naomi has worked as a counsellor and therapist for the past 12 years. She started as a children’s therapist (working with kids with Autism) before moving into rehabilitation counselling field. Naomi is a mother to three beautiful children and is passionate about delivering caring and confidential counselling, especially in the Mandurah and Peel region.
Lexi Paternoster

Alexis (Lexi) Paternoster

Lexi is one of Homestead for Youth’s amazing volunteer and a “Jill of all trades” providing events coordination and social media management for the organisation. With previous management experience in major retail industries such as Toyworld and Boost Juice, Lexi brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in managing these two important works for H4Y. As a mum, Lexi is passionate about creating safe, supportive and empowering homes for children and young people.

Jenny Fox

Jenny Fox is the visionary and the family support worker for our Stronger Families program and has had years of experience in walking alongside vulnerable families. She has worked in community organisations, schools and churches for over 20 years. Her training in education and in disability support equips her to address the great variety of needs families experience, in a warm, empathetic and positive way.

Owen Fox

Owen’s experience in training and counselling brings a wealth of understanding to community projects that he manages. He is approachable and strives to see individuals find their passion and flourish in whatever sphere they pursue. Owen is one who brings out the best in others by his encouraging and supportive mentoring style.

Kath O'Loughlin

Kath is Homestead for Youth’s resident “Grandma,” who you can meet every Thursday as she teaches the young residents cooking skills that also include budgeting, shopping, recipe planning and presentation. You might also meet Kath’s husband, Lorne, who volunteers at the Homestead. Outside of cooking, Kath is a talented artist who takes great pleasure in all forms of art and craft. She has a huge heart and loves to share her creative experiences. She tries to match her clients needs and interests with the activities she provides, while always looking for new ways to engage and develop budding artists.

Angelique Du Toit

Angelique is our live-in support worker, provisional psychologist, dedicated volunteer and personal assistant to Carla, since 2015. After completing her Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling at Edith Cowan University including a diploma in Psychology, Angelique worked for as a FRE driver with the Department of Child Protection and Family Services and volunteered for various at-risk children and youth events. Angelique is passionate about young people finding hope and being connected to their mentors so that they feel supported to achieve their goals. Equine therapy is an important tool in equipping Angelique to engage and connect with the youth she mentors and counsels.

Mentors & Volunteers

Along with our amazing team we have a group of passionate mentors and volunteers that come in all shapes and sizes to suit our therapy programs and events. All participants have their Working With Children’s Check (WWCC) and have undertaken an interview with the directors to ensure they fit the Homestead for Youth model. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or to volunteer with us and change the story on youth mental health and suicide, we welcome your support.

We are here for you. Our Farm Gates are always open. Our Home is your home away from home.