Our Approach

Holistic and innovative programs

With a focus on fixing the gaps in our youth development and mental health systems, Homestead for Youth works with innovative and holistic therapy approaches for young people and their families who fall in the bracket of “able to help themselves” but are not able to.

Some of our unique and successful outcomes-based therapy approach include:

  • residential family style farm recovery home,
  • hands-on program (e.g. equine therapy and car restoration),
  • empowering and strength based suicide prevention message,
  • and sensory animal farm therapy (the first in Western Australia).

Away from the four walls of a clinical room, Marty and Carla noticed great results when they conducted their therapy sessions outside, near the animals and around farm activities.

In this farm setting, teens who refused to see psychologists would all of a sudden wanted to talk to Carla and colleagues at Homestead for Youth. Young teenage boys would roll up their windows and eagerly get out of the cars when they see the farm and its animals!

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We are here for you. Our Farm Gates are always open. Our Home is your home away from home.