Brighter Future fund

Would you like to know about our Brighter Future fund?

Homestead For Youth believes we can all play a part in creating a brighter future. Are you interested in supporting Homestead For Youth now and into the future? A wonderful way to support Homestead for the years to come is through a gift in your will, also know as a charitable bequest.

Bequests are a gift of hope. A way of making a heartfelt statement about your life values, hopes and beliefs. They can enable you to have an impact after you are gone.

Homestead For Youth is a charitable organisation touching the lives of young people and their families. Our mission to restore lives and transform communities relies increasingly on the generous support of the philanthropic, business and service community.

Monies from bequests are invested in our Brighter Future Fund and the income earned is used to support Homestead For Youths activities for many years to come.

Bequests to Homestead For Youth can be done in a number of ways:

Specific Bequest – Nominating a dollar amount, or a percentage of an estate to go to Homestead. This can include real estate, shares and assets or gifts in kind.

Residuary Bequest – Designating a portion of an estate to go to Homestead after all other beneficiaries have been settled.

Contingent Bequest – Indicating a portion of an estate to pass to Homestead only in the event that the other beneficiaries do not survive the Bequestor

Revisionary Bequest – Enabling a surviving partner to benefit from your estate during their lifetime, with the balance of their estate to pass to Homestead once they pass away.

Some helpful information

Legal Name: Homestead For Youth Ltd

Homestead For Youth ABN: 36 601 520 432

Sample bequest wording: I give to Homestead For Youth ABN 36 601 520 432 for its general purposes (indicate dollar amount/percentage/item of property to be given) and declare that the receipt of the Board Secretary at the time shall be sufficient discharge of my executor’s duty.

We would love to meet you. If you would like to have a confidential conversation about leaving a bequest to Homestead For Youth or would like to arrange a home appointment, please contact us on 0449 939 597

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