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Why Homestead for Youth?

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  • About Homestead For Youth (H4Y)

    We are a Not for Profit organisation with a unique approach to changing the lives of hundreds of clients of all ages since 2014. We have a dedicated team of family support and therapy staff utilizing unique services to address a very real and intensifying mental health and disability need in the region.

Our service includes

Equine Therapy, Car Restoration & Farm-based Therapies, Art Therapy, and our H4Y Therapy & Animal Farm. Our clients are diverse with complex and diverse needs and travel from as far as 2 hours for our hands-on programs.

People Like You


Carla Fadelli

Carla is known for her humor, her ability to help you feel ‘normal’ and empowered to see change.

Kath O'Loughlin

Resident “Grandma”
She has a huge heart and loves to share her creative experiences.

Angelique Du Toit

Residential Manager
Angelique is passionate about young people finding hope and being connected to their mentors so that they feel supported to achieve their goals.


“To engage youth and families through a faith-based rural family environment, using hands-on therapies that restore lives & transform communities.”


“Bringing safe refuge & restoration to youth.”