About this event

If you are the Proud owner of a fur baby of any breed, thinking of becoming a parent to one, or just love to mingle and play with a variety of pooches, this is the event for you.

Bring your pooch and enjoy a large enclosed doggie area between 1pm to 3pm at the Homestead For Youth farm.

Seperate areas for high , low energy and anxious dogs.

Each event we hope to bring something unique and new to the session. Stay tuned!!

To ensure everyone enjoys a safe and fun time please note:

Dogs must be social with people and other dogs and are fully vaccinated.

Please supervise your Dogs at all times.

Homestead for Youth is not responsible for any social interaction between Dogs and between Humans and Dogs.

During the Doggy Play you are welcome to walk through the Animal Farm and purchase feed for the animals. However do ask that Dogs are kept on Lead and are not to enter the animal enclosures at any time.