We welcome your support

Have you always wanted to make a difference but don’t quite know how to do that? We can help solve that “how?” question.

If you are passionate as us in changing the story on youth suicide and mental health, then we welcome your support with open arms.

There are any ways to fundraise at your own time, in your own way and with your friends… here are some ideas:

  • A Sausage Sizzle fundraiser in your neighbourhood;
  • Committing your Fun Run or Marathon fundraising to H4Y;
  • A cake stall or fundraiser at school or work respectively;
  • An auction event.

Show us your creativity and we can help you with setting up fun and successful fundraising opportunities that raises much needed funds and awareness to change the story on youth mental health.

Download a fundraising kit

A big thank you to the Australian Community and our sponsors:


We are here for you. Our Farm Gates are always open. Our Home is your home away from home.