Personal Mission Support

Can you support our staff to fulfill their Mission?

We have some of the most dedicated staff you could find working at Homestead for Youth. These people are working long hours to help our young people succeed in life. They are volunteering a lot of their time to do this.

Homestead for Youth is a faith based charity that relies on the support of indivduals and the community.

Can you help support our volunteer staff in their mission to help young people?

If you donate below your generous financial help will go straight to the staff you choose to support.


Carla & Marty Fadelli

Carla and Marty Fadelli are the founders of Homestead For Youth. They are dedicated missionaries in their work with youth. They have sacrificed to pursue the vision they have to see young people healed and succeed in life. They have worked for 8 years and do not draw a full wage.  You can help support them in this important mission. 


Denaye & Japie Grobler

Denaye and Japie are passionate about helping youth. They volunteer their time to Homestead. Denaye is a passionate horse enthusiast who loves combining her passion with helping young people.  Japie is a qualified Boilermaker. He helps in many areas on the farm and also has a passion to see young people be all they can be.  

We at Homestead For Youth are committed to helping young people thrive. That's why we're so excited about two couples who are working to change lives.

Sharing their stories and how they started their missions is our way of saying: Thank you for making the world a better place, and thank you for helping us continue to do so!

A big thank you to the Australian Community and our sponsors:


We are here for you. Our Farm Gates are always open. Our Home is your home away from home.