Car Restoration Therapy

Car restoration to help you heal

Ever had that feeling when your hands are busy doing enjoyable things, you get distracted from the negative thoughts, painful challenges and chaos in your lives?

We have!

Which is why our farm home offer a car restoration therapy, where together we bring back to life an old or broken down car to get it back on the road.

With our mentors, we invite you to plan, negotiate, and draft a restoration project. In the last year or so, thanks to Pinjarra Junction and the help of many young people, we’ve been restoring a Kombi Van!

Our car restoration therapy sees young people working together with their mentors to plan, negotiate, and draft their projects.

Whether they are working on the cars, learning to weld or helping in the workshop our young people are engaging more than they have been able to in days past.

We find many similarities between the restoration and building of a car to the restoration and building of our own lives as we all journey forward to greater healing, hope and empowerment.

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