Equine Therapy

Relax with our friendly horses, at our farm home.

Do you like horses? Or are you curious about horses?

If you answer yes, then we’d like to see you at Homestead for Youth and participate in our “equine therapy.”

What’s equine therapy you ask?

Well, it is one of our programs that is a little bit different than sitting in a room to talk about challenges and how we can fix them.

If you are stressed, anxious, nervous or have been through a few terrible incidents, we know it’s not easy to trust and talk to a stranger straight away.

Engaging with animals safely and closely, like with our horses, is always a great way to relax, engage and connect. You might not realise but by doing just that, you will start to unlock the benefits of therapy.

Our equine therapy runs as weekend workshops individually or as a group.


Interested in getting to know our farm horses?

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