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Sponsor an Animal

Humans and animals share a special connection; the Human-Animal bond (HAB). It's that elusive feeling
that makes us feel happy and whole when we're feeling sad and broken; or wanted and seen, when we
feel unwanted and invisible. It's this HAB that warrants its use in therapy with children and adults.

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a unique form of therapy that utilizes the unconditional relationship
qualities of animals, to enrich therapeutic experiences. AAT provides therapeutic opportunities for
children and young adults to experience unconditional, positive, and accepting relationships that may
not have been able to be achieved with human-human interactions.

At Homestead for Youth, we offer animal therapy and farm life programs as a relaxed and safe alternative method to the more common approaches to therapy.

You can help us create a suitable home for our farm animals, some of which are orphans and need great
care and attention. Healthy happy animals improve the quality of the therapy process significantly.

Let's Save them All!