Therapy & Sensory Farm

Open Mondays, Wednesday- Saturday
Our core programs operating from W.A's one of a kind Therapy & Sensory Animal Farm are;

Equine Assisted Therapy: Where clients of all ages can learn to take care of horses and form connections with them. This program teaches valuable non-verbal communication skills and responsibility as well as building confidence and addressing anxiety, attentional issues, eating disorders, trauma and depression.
-$60 for an individual hour session

Sensory Animal Experience: Youth and children bond with friendly therapy animals such as dogs, ponies, rabbits and chickens for a sensory experience while working with their mentor or counsellor. Learning non-verbal and verbal communication skills along with responsibility, emotional regulation, healthy coping and more, this program helps build confidence, provides a calming experience and addresses mental health.

-Price varies between $30 to $50 for an hour individual session.

The car "Resto" program (Combi Program): In this program, youth learn to repair and restore cars with the help of their mentor and supervisor while working through life altering obstacles. The mechanical skills they learn builds their confidence and encourages positive growth while creating a relaxing space to learn how to open up.
-$60 for an individual hour session

Self Guided Tours also operate during the week and we have recently launched our H4Y Kidz Parties!

To Book: or 0449 939 597

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