Western Australia, our youths need your help!

“Easy” is not the word that comes to mind when Marty and Carla Fadelli (Founders and leaders of Homestead For Youth) face the amount of work to be done, the limited finances and help as well as the emotional (and critically) important burden of guiding the young lives they work with.

When Carla thinks about giving up, she remembers her encounter with a local mum and her two boys who both committed suicide.

She thinks about the young teens who come to the farm, defensive, angry and scared but leaving stronger.

She takes comfort in the knowledge of many teens who came to her with drug addictions, been abused or traumatised but are now empowered to live their lives.

Carla dreams of sustaining her image of a home for youths by expanding new and innovative therapy at the Pinjarra farm, of establishing a Homestead For Youth in every state and territory in Australia, and perhaps one day, globally!

To get there, they, and our youths, firstly need the help of all Western Australians (and Australians around the country) to make their farm belong to the families, young people, volunteers, animals and staff who see Homestead For Youth as their first or second safe haven.

Marty and Carla, their board and amazing volunteers have been working hard behind the scenes to raise enough funds to buy their Pinjarra farm, make it everyone’s safe place, and offer more innovative and engaging therapy.

Homestead For Youth need to raise over $1.4 million to make this 148 acre farm a refuge for our youths by the third quarter of 2019.

With over 2 million people living in Western Australia, just a dollar donation can save the lives of many young men and women who should be able to look forward to their future.

Homestead for Youth are thankful for any support and donation you can make at https://www.homesteadforyouth.org/

Let’s together play a part in bringing hope where there is none, to find a home in a time of loss and to restore hurting families for brighter communities!

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