Who are the folks opening their farm gate and door at Homestead for Youth?

The statistics on youth mental health and suicide are startling and very sad…and read something like this:

  • “1 in 7 young Australians experience mental health condition”
  • “There are 6 suicides every day”
  • “Suicide in young Australians is the highest it has been in 10 years”
  • “Suicide is the biggest killer of young Australians and accounts for the deaths of more young people than car accidents.”*

(taken from Beyond Blue Australia)

Around ten years ago, a newly married couple, Marty and Carla Fadelli, who were passionate about empowering young people to choose life started their journey to build what we know today as Homestead For Youth.

But really the story of Homestead For Youth began much much earlier with a ten year old Carla Fadelli.

As a child, Carla Fadelli recalled having a vivid image of a house filled with young people coming and going – a house that felt like a welcoming home.

That image took Carla on a journey to become a registered psychologist, initially working with young people in high needs schools, before marrying husband, Marty, in 2008 and, a year later, starting their journey of caring for young people with emergency, residential and long term living arrangements.

Now that was the humble, grassroots beginning of Homestead For Youth.

Marty and Carla soon became frustrated with the growing and alarming youth mental health statistics and especially from experiencing, at first hand, the gaps in the systems for young people, placed in the bracket of “able to help themselves” yet clearly not able to do so.

So they decided to take their own action and live out Carla’s childhood dream of helping young people by officially establishing Homestead For Youth in 2014.

During the first few years, H4Y operated from the 5 acre property that belonged to their parents.

Here they wanted to incorporate that safe, caring, loving family experience in a home setting!

Homestead For Youth’s innovative, homely approach to therapy plus their commitment to reducing the unacceptably high teen suicide rates, propelled them to borrowing, then leasing the farm they are on today in Pinjarra.

Since 2017, Homestead For Youth’s farm have welcomed hundreds of young people and their families to experience wellness and safety through a warm home.

To develop friendships with others and create healthy curiosity with farm animals.

To practice a holistic approach to psychology and a “together, if we all did our part, we can make one more young person’s lives safer” philosophy.

Want to also play a part in empowering young people to brighter futures?

Join us at https://www.homesteadforyouth.org/christmas-appeal/

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